Spinal Decompression for Back Pain

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Non- surgical spinal decompression is a therapy involving the stretching of the spine through traction. The final goal of spinal decompression is to relieve pain. Spinal decompression for back pain is available at our Toronto clinic.

Types of back pain

  • Axial: Axial pain is the most common type of  back pain. Symptoms are very different on every person. People report experiencing from excruciating continuous pain to a come-and-go pain. Muscles strains are a common cause for this axial pain.
  • Referred Pain: This pain moves around the back. It is felt in the lower back, groin area, pelvis, buttock and upper tights.  Injuries such as degenerative disc disease may cause this type of back pain.
  • Radicular Pain: This pain is deep and localized. It often spread from the back to the upper extremities. This type of back pain is caused by compression, inflammation or an injury to a spinal nerve. The most known radicular pain is sciatica.

What can be treated with spinal decompression therapy?

Non-surgical spinal decompression for back pain can help patients recover from sciatica pain, disc herniations, spinal stenosis, general pain, posterior facet syndrome, injured spinal nerve roots, and many more.

How Can Trigenics Help?

At Trigenics Health Centre our highly-skilled practitioners work together to create fully integrated health solutions that may include physiotherapy, chiropractic, massage therapy, acupuncture, naturopathy, medical aesthetics and others. Our professionals will work together towards achieving an optimal health for all our patients through a holistically approach when treating any condition or pain they may present. Therapy for neck spasms or neck pain is available also and can be booked at any time.

Spinal decompression - Spinal Decompression

Back pain due to a herniated or bulging disc can be debilitating, and in the past, surgery was the answer. Today, we have highly¬-successful advanced technology that allows us to relieve this pain without surgery. We use a system that combines a machine with an exceptionally precise computer program for a treatment called spinal decompression.

For most of our patients, the relief they feel after using traditional models of chiropractic care is sufficient to resume their normal life. Before the technology blossomed in 1985, the only step between receiving spinal adjustments and physical therapy was surgery. Since then the practice of spinal decompression has become FDA approved and has over a 70% success rate of alleviating chronic back pain.

The biggest challenge to treating patients with conditions like herniated disc, bulging discs or degenerative disc, is our inability to reach the affected discs without invasive surgery. The body lubricates and energizes the discs through the movement of the vertebra and circulation through the nervous system. When a disc or vertebra is damaged, immediately the disc begins transforming from a soft and supple tissue to a fibrous and brittle material, thus engaging deterioration and pain. With the use of spinal decompression the pain experienced from sciatica, leg cramps, neck and back pain can be all but eliminated. In fact a recent study on previous spinal decompression patients found that 91% of patients live pain free even four years after their treatment.

Using this computer technology and the decompression machine, we are able to create a custom treatment plan that decompresses the spine and pulls the herniated or bulging material back into the disc. The computer program is created and supervised by one of our highly trained staff. It gently stretches and relaxes the spine in rotation, which, over time, separates the vertebrae. This creates a vacuum¬-like effect that pulls the soft bulging disc material back into the disc. This can not only clear up back pain, but also any pain caused by the pressure put on the nerves. For example, patients who have a herniated disc in the lower back may have shooting sciatic pain down their legs. Relieving the herniated disc will cause that pain to vanish. With the use of special equipment, gentle non-surgical therapy provides relief for the lower back, sciatica pain, neck pain and even bulging or degenerative disc disease. Patients with lumbar pain have also seen improvements!

Precise and safely placed tension on the lower back creates a negative pressure inside the disc, which actually realigns the disc to its proper location. The ultimate effect is a rehydrated and healed disc in the injured area. Not only that, but spinal decompression also helps enhance muscular control.

The therapy sessions include periods of stretching and relaxation. Sessions last less than 20 minutes up to three times per week. Healing can begin to take place within 6-10 treatments. The majority of our patients are seen for 8 weeks. Treatment time and frequency will depend on each patient’s unique condition.

If you are living in pain from a herniated or bulging disc, we will work with you to find a spinal decompression treatment plan that corresponds with your body. Instead of turning to dangerous pain medications that just cover up the problem, ask us if spinal decompression can help you.


Who Can Benefit from Spinal Decompression Therapy?

Anyone who has back pain or neck pain from an assortment of causes, including but not limited to damaged discs and injured facet joints, may be helped by spinal decompression therapy. These conditions include herniated, protruding or bulging discs, spinal stenosis, sciatica, non-specific mechanical low back pain or even failed surgery.

Are There Medical Studies that Document the Effectiveness of Spinal Decompression Therapy?

Yes! One study documented by MRI up to 90% reduction of disc herniations in 10 of 14 cases and other studies reported that the majority of ruptured disc patients achieved “good” to “excellent” results after spinal decompression therapy.

Are There Conditions Where Spinal Decompression Therapy is Not Indicated?

Spinal decompression therapy is not recommended for pregnant women, patients who have severe osteoporosis, severe obesity or severe nerve damage.

Spinal surgery with instrumentation (screws or metal plates) is also contraindicated. However, spinal decompression therapy after bone fusion or non-fusion surgery, can be performed.

Are the Sessions Painful?

In almost all cases, the treatments are completely painless. In fact, some patients fall asleep during the spinal decompression session.

How Many Sessions Will be Required?

The specific treatment plan will be determined after your examination. The best results have been achieved using 15-20 sessions over a 4 to 8 week period.

What is the Cost of the Therapy?

Our customary fee for each spinal decompression session is only $50-100 which means the total cost will be a small fraction of the $3000 -$5000+ amounts that some offices are charging.

Will Insurance Cover the Cost of My Spinal Decompression Program?

YES! Some insurance plans provide coverage for the cost of our spinal decompression program. Our office works with most insurance companies and networks.  We offer many modalities covered by insurance providers for services of chiropractic, physiotherapy and registered massage therapy in our office.

Reimbursement varies but your out-of-pocket expense for services could be very little to none.

For insurance related questions, ask us to help you find out the right information for you when you come to the office.

Do Most Patients Receive Therapy and Rehabilitative Exercises in Addition to Spinal Decompression Therapy?

To reduce inflammation and assist the healing process, supporting structures are treated with passive therapies (ice/heat/muscle stimulation), nutritional advice, spinal mobilization (as indicated) and/or active rehabilitation in order to strengthen the spinal musculature.

For patients interested in fixing back issues and want an effective treatment plan, we offer a complementary initial assessment which includes  X-Rays, and provide a detailed Report of Findings which includes reviewing any X-Rays taken and previous MRI or CT scans.

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