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Knee & Shoulder Pain Treatment

Results In just 2 Visits or we don’t take you on as a Patient.

The Trigenics® Treatment Centre Specializes in treating chronic & severe cases of knee pain

and we are proud to boast an extraordinarily high success rate.


In fact, patients can experience dramatic pain relief and improved mobility after just ONE VISIT.

So if you’ve tried other treatments, are tired of continuous pain medication, and want to avoid surgery then you may be a candidate for our care.

Don’t Live Another Day In Pain

We’ve helped countless number chronic severe knee pain sufferers just like you finally end their pain and allowing them to go back to enjoying an active lifestyle again.

Imagine having undergone our Trigenics Knee Procedure and having no more pain just like these patients!
How incredible would your life be?
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Trigenics® is a neuro-kinetic, sensorimotor assessment, treatment and training system,
which instantly relieves pain and increases strength and movement.

Patients are interactive participants

Trigenics patients are interactive participants in their own treatments, both mentally and physically. This means that with Trigenics results depend upon the patient engaging voluntary movements in very specific ways and directions against the doctor’s resistance to generate neurological reflexes which cause changes in their brain wave patterns.

A multimodal treatment system

Trigenics is a “multimodal” treatment system. This means that Trigenics is unique in that it combines a number of different treatment “techniques” which are applied at the same time to gain a much greater effect than that which would be achieved by only applying one. Trigenics, itself, is not a treatment technique. It is a total full body assessment and treatment “system”.

Utilizing modern neurology

Trigenics utilizes modern western medical knowledge of neurology. By using the principles of reflexogenic neurophysiology, the “hardwiring” of the patient’s own body is being utilized as an integral part of the treatment and allows for a number of other positive benefits. Simply stated, Trigenics procedures cause firing of spontaneous reflexes, which are generated by the patient’s own nervous system.

Deeper penetration

A Trigenics Practitioner can effectively penetrate deeper into the patient’s tissue than other traditional manual methods such as Massage, Shiatsu, Trigger Point therapy, etc. The “blocking” of pain signals enables the Trigenics Practitioner to achieve this deeper penetration without the strong reactionary “jump response” commonly elicited with other therapies.s.

Trigenics Knee Operation (TKO) For “Patellofemoral” Syndrome

This is the world’s first manual operative procedure which essentially cures knee patellofemoral syndrome in 1 visit. Patellofemoral Syndrome (PS) is a common condition affecting at least 20% of the population which is characterized by pain in the knee with weight loaded bending of the knee. (Medscape) Usually chronic and difficult to treat, PS is treated with physiotherapy, medications, injections and sometimes surgery. Estimates are that there are 1 Billion people suffering with this painful and debilitating condition worldwide.

Operation time: 40 min

Trigenics Impingement Procedure (TIP) For Frozen Shoulder Impingement Syndrome

This is the world’s first manual operative procedure which cures frozen shoulder impingement syndrome in 1 visit. Frozen Shoulder Impingement Syndrome aka Shoulder Impingement Syndrome somewhat mimics Adhesive Capsulitis Frozen Shoulder (AC) in that shoulder side raise (abduction) ability is limited and painful. It is much less debilitating than AC in that inward and outward rotation is generally not lost and side raising is higher and more functional. This condition still causes the patient great concern, pain and dysfunction especially in activities which involve raising the arm above the head. Most patients with Shoulder Impingement Syndrome visit numerous therapists and doctors in a usually futile attempt to resolve their condition. Estimates are that close to 1 Billion people worldwide suffer with this debilitating chronic degenerative condition which normally is only finally resolved with surgery.

Operation time: 1 hour

Trigenics Hip Procedure (THP) For Hip Arthrosis And Immobility

The Trigenics Hip Procedure is the world’s first non-surgical operative procedure which effectively decreases or eliminates pain and enhances hip mobility in one visit. (Rehabilitative follow up care program may be required depending on the case. See NB below) According to the Centre for Disease Control in the USA, 25% of the population suffers withdegenerative hip disease. This represents close to 2 BILLION people worldwide.

Operation time: 1 hour

Trigenics® Anti-Aging & Body Wellness Medical Clinic can make you feel better and look years younger in just one treatment. We are your one-stop Medical clinic and treatment center.

Our practitioners & Medical Aestheticians have years of experience coupled with more continued education and training than those in any other clinic. This ensures that you will get the highest quality treatment with better results.

We also offer many services covered by extended health care benefits.

*Results may vary

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