Have you heard of scalp exercises? Yes, you can exercise your scalp for two purposes; to stimulate hair growth and for follicular unit transplant or hair transplant. At Trigenics, we offer intensive treatments that will restore your hair, and your confidence with it. Before you reach that stage, it is important to look after your hair to avoid a transplant if possible.

What are Scalp Laxity Exercises?

A healthy scalp is directly related to healthy hair. Scalp exercises are a natural, holistic way to relax your scalp and improve hair health. You do not need to spend on expensive equipment or visit the doctor. Just focus on massaging one part of the scalp at a time. It takes a total of just 15 minutes of your day.

The exercises are also recommended to prepare the scalp before a hair transplant surgery. This allows us to plant from grafts into your scalp for a fuller head of hair.

Scalp Laxity Exercises

Scalp exercises are done on two parts of the head: the back of the donor area and for the sides.

1. Back of the Head:

● Sit upright on a firm backed chair.
● Breathe in and out deeply twice before you start to relax the body.
● Clasp your hands together, placing them gently on the back of your scalp, towards the base. Make sure your thumbs don’t touch each other.
● Push up your palms up and down (towards your forehead) about 15-20 times; hold for a couple of seconds and repeat several times again. Your scalp should gently move with the pressure you apply, calming you down and relaxing the scalp.

2. Side Scalp Stretch:

● Sit upright on a firm backed chair.
● Place your hands on both sides of your scalp, just above your ears.
● Straighten your fingers without letting the thumbs touch each other.
● Push your palms up towards the middle of your head (top), hold for a couple of seconds, push down. Go back up and down again about 10-15 times, applying gentle pressure for a few times more, till you feel your scalp stretching and relaxing.

3. Head Knock Massage for Increased Blood Circulation.

● Stand with your feet slightly apart.
● Very slowly bend down from your waist, allowing your spine to fall forward, till your head is just below your waist.
● Place the knuckles of your fingers on your scalp and tap gently.
● Tap the entire scalp bit by bit, all over.
● Repeat a few times. Stop.
● Roll back slowly till you are standing upright again.
● Tap your scalp gently again for about 20-30 seconds. Relax.

4. Circular Massage for Reducing Hair Loss

● Stand straight with your feet slightly apart. Push back your shoulders.
● Apply a few drops of vitamin E onto your scalp.
● Massage gently with your fingertips till it is absorbed into your scalp.
● Start from one side of your scalp and work your way towards the other end in small circular motions till you cover all over your scalp, for a minute or two.
● Do this for five minutes every few days.

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